The Connection between Crime and Terrorism

Are Terrorism and Crime the Same Thing?

terrorism and crimeThe world is currently not aware if today’s terrorists are truly the criminals, thugs and gangsters of yesterday.

It may look that the study of terrorism and terrorists through examining past criminal activities has become fairly trendy. Nowadays, the western media is saturated with headlines and articles effortlessly making some sort of connection between the two.

For example, in the wake of recent terrorist activities in Manhattan, the CNN emphasized that the alleged perpetrator had several run-ins with law authorities in multiple states in the past.

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Check Those around You to be Safe

Why You Should Always Check the Background of People around You

The title of this post may suggest that I am a paranoid. Maybe, but as the famous writer, Joseph Heller said: “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you”. And he was right.

I will explain why by telling two stories, one of my neighbor, the other is of my niece. They both leave in Texas and so this is where all took place.

My neighbor next door hired a babysitter for his 2 children. All was well and, according to him, she was very nice and the kids like her. One day, he and his wife got back earlier and they caught her smoking marijuana in their house. The kids were watching television. He later checked and found out the babysitter a criminal record for selling drugs!

My niece started dating a new guy. She fell in love with him and, in fact, we all liked him (We even invited him to dinner one evening). Then suddenly she stopped hearing from him. He vanished without leaving any trace. It turned out there was a warrant for his arrest from Dallas County. He was caught on a routine roadblock and was taken into custody. He is now awaiting trial for burglary.

The lesson is simple: you can never know who you are dealing with and so for yours and your family’s safety, you better perform a criminal record check on new persons that become involved in your life.

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Garage Doors and Crime

Keeping Burglars away from Your Garage Doors

garage door and crimeNew reports show that more and more criminals target garage doors.  Locking your front door to deter thieves is not enough as open garage doors are an invitation for thieves.

It has also been highly noted that burglars use garage doors even when the home owners are at home.

The reason why garage doors have become a target for crime is because most homes do not pay much attention to basic security measures.

Burglars are usually looking for

  • Tools
  • Lawn equipment
  • Sporting equipment
  • Vehicles and valuables that might be in the vehicles.

Tips for Preventing Crime through the Garage Door

Closing the garage door is, obviously, the first thing you should do to keep burglars away. Other tips that will help in reducing crime taking place through your garage door consist of the following:

  • Include the garage when installing the home alarm system.
  • Include steel lock bars when installing upgraded lock systems.
  • Window films and frosted glass are the best for your garage windows so that criminals are not able to see what they can get from your garage.
  • Garage defenders will not only add security, but will also deter criminals.
  • Keep your valuables locked up to make it difficult for the thieves to access in case they are already in.
  • The garage door should be equipped with good locks.

It is also important to alert your neighbors to close their garage doors in case you see them open. This will help reduce crime in the neighborhood. Also, always be on the look out of your garage so that you are alerted in case you see anything suspicious.

Crime Rates in Miami-Dade County, FL

In Light of High Crime Rate in Miami-Dade County, You Should Do Background Checks Frequently

handcuffsCrime rates in Miami-Dade County have not changes much from 2010-2014 according to statistics released by the sheriff office. There is a small decrease, but it is insignificant. The county remains a crime hub with 82 murders in 2014, 609 cases of rape, more than 1,800 robberies and 4,225 aggravated assaults.

In other words, it is not quite safe to live in Miami-Dade County. For example in Miami, the county seat, there are 649 crime per square mile compared to 64 in Florida as a whole.

It means that there is a high probability that you may fall victim to a violent or property crime in the county. For this reason, it is imperative that you do all you can to keep your family safe. One of the best ways to do it is to make sure your kids are kept away from dubious people.

We strongly recommend carrying out frequent background checks on people involved in your life. Who knows, your kid’s baby sitter may have an old criminal record that you are not aware of (She probably did her best to conceal it).

There are websites enabling you to do a background check in Miami Dade County. They will connect you to large criminal history databases. You can always utilize the sheriff’s resources (For example, they operate an online warrant search).

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Making Garage Doors Safe for Children

Basic Tips to Minimize the Risk of Garage Doors

garage doorsMany houses in the United States come with a garage. This garage has a door which poses a threat to little children.  Children at the ages of 2 – 8 years old are most susceptible to injuries ranging from broken limbs to brain damage.

Luckily, there are some basic tips to minimize the danger:

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Family Violence in Texas

The High Rates of Family Violence in Texas and a Possible Solution to the Problem

family violenceI have been doing some research on the topic of domestic violence in the State of Texas. It seems that the leading counties with the largest number of recorded cases involving family violence are obviously the largest county. For example, in Dallas, the local police station reported 14,123 cases in 2015. In Harris County, Huston Police Department recorded 20,272 incident in the same year.

The Department of Public Safety reports that in 2015, 205,154 people committed crimes related to domestic violence, of which 74 were men and the rest women. The number of victims was 211,301. As expected, most of the victims were females (72 percent).

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Juvenile Arrest Rate is on the Decrease

Less and Less Delinquent Teens Are Incarcerated in Recent Years

DelinquencyJuvenile arrest rate is on the decrease based on 2014 data released by . To get a broad perspective, we should compare two sets of data separated by a generation: 1995 and 2014. All numbers indicate a rate of arrests per 100,000 juveniles at the ages of 10 – 17. In 1995 arrest rate for all types of crime was 6,466. In 2014 it was cut by more than a half reaching 3,008.1.

Arrest rate for murder in 1995 stood at 10.7. In 2014 it was 5 times lower – 2.2. When it comes to rape, there were 18.3 arrests in 1995 and 9.6 in 2014. Minor offenses also saw a major decline. Arrest rate for drunkenness was 67.4 in 1995 and 19.3 in 2014.

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Creating Safe Outdoor Areas for Children

This is How Parents Made Children Become More Physically Active without Compromising Their Security

walking to schoolUnfortunately, today, most children are driven to school instead of walking or cycling. And that is despite the growing problem of child obesity in the United States. Parents are fully aware of the health benefits of walking, yet they prefer to drive their kids due to security considerations which are considered more urgent than health.

What parents are most concerned of is crime. Letting children walk to school exposes them to all sorts of risk, such as sexual assault or violence. So is there any viable solution that will comprise healthy walking and security? The answer is yes.

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The Threat the Internet Poses to Children

How to Deal with Children’s Exposure to Foul Content on the Internet

The Internet is basically a wonderful tool. It allows us to share knowledge, spread information and be in touch with people in the far corners of the globe. Yet as many of us know, the Internet has a dark side. It can be a very dangerous place for those who lack the emotional means and maturity to deal with vile materials, and I am referring to children and teens.

Children spend muchinternet and children of their time online either on their computer or cell phone and thus they are potentially more vulnerable to foul content. When I say foul content I mean pornography, violence, hate website and crime.

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Adoption Crisis in North Carolina

Children in Need of Loving Families

AdoptionIt turns out that North Carolina is facing a growing crisis in child adoption. At present, there are close to 11,000 children in foster care families that are waiting to be adopted by caring families.

That situation cannot continue and good people must take action and save these kids.

Who can adopt a child?

The state of North Carolina have some basic requirements that make an adult person eligible for adopting a child:

  • An adopting parent must be older than 21.
  • An adopting parent must have a sufficient and steady income.
  • The child must be provided with a bed, a closet and personal space.
  • Adopting families have to reside in North Carolina.
  • Potential adopting parents must not have any criminal record or history.
  • Those who want to adopt must take part in special tutoring.

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