Adoption Crisis in North Carolina

Children in Need of Loving Families

AdoptionIt turns out that North Carolina is facing a growing crisis in child adoption. At present, there are close to 11,000 children in foster care families that are waiting to be adopted by caring families.

That situation cannot continue and good people must take action and save these kids.

Who can adopt a child?

The state of North Carolina have some basic requirements that make an adult person eligible for adopting a child:

  • An adopting parent must be older than 21.
  • An adopting parent must have a sufficient and steady income.
  • The child must be provided with a bed, a closet and personal space.
  • Adopting families have to reside in North Carolina.
  • Potential adopting parents must not have any criminal record or history.
  • Those who want to adopt must take part in special tutoring.

I know a family who adopted two children 10 and 15 years ago. They provided them with love and care and the best treatment possible. They saved these kids. Instead of growing up neglected, these two kids are today successful grown up persons. One of them is a lawyer. He is married with a child of his own. The other is studying medicine in one of the leading universities in the country. This is a clear example of what proper adoption can do.

What you need to do to adopt a child?

Turn to your county’s local Department of Child Services. Here you will find a directory that contains agencies all over NC counties. They will guide you regarding the formal and practical procedures necessary to adopt a child.

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