Creating Safe Outdoor Areas for Children

This is How Parents Made Children Become More Physically Active without Compromising Their Security

walking to schoolUnfortunately, today, most children are driven to school instead of walking or cycling. And that is despite the growing problem of child obesity in the United States. Parents are fully aware of the health benefits of walking, yet they prefer to drive their kids due to security considerations which are considered more urgent than health.

What parents are most concerned of is crime. Letting children walk to school exposes them to all sorts of risk, such as sexual assault or violence. So is there any viable solution that will comprise healthy walking and security? The answer is yes.

Where I live, parents organized and initiated a program of walking to school accompanied by adults. Practically speaking, parents take turns and watch a group of children as they head to school on foot. Every day, there is a different parent that assumes the role of a guardian.

The children meet at a certain prefixed point and from there continue to school with one of the parents (usually a father).

More than that, these parents also rented a place and turned it into an improvised football field where the children meet once a week to play. There are always two parents present and the local sheriff office sends patrols every hour to check on them.

The streets today are less safe than what they used to be when I was a child. Yet, that does not mean children should be locked in their homes attached to their computer screens. All it takes is parents’ willingness to give a hand to create safe outdoor areas for their kids.

It’s much more fun to spend your childhood outdoors. It’s also much healthier. Other parent in other communities across the country should adopt the ideas I mentioned above and even come up with their own innovative ways that will help children become more physically active without compromising their security.

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