The Threat the Internet Poses to Children

How to Deal with Children’s Exposure to Foul Content on the Internet

The Internet is basically a wonderful tool. It allows us to share knowledge, spread information and be in touch with people in the far corners of the globe. Yet as many of us know, the Internet has a dark side. It can be a very dangerous place for those who lack the emotional means and maturity to deal with vile materials, and I am referring to children and teens.

Children spend muchinternet and children of their time online either on their computer or cell phone and thus they are potentially more vulnerable to foul content. When I say foul content I mean pornography, violence, hate website and crime.

It is the responsibility of parents to make sure their kids stay safe. Some parents choose to use filters to limit their kids’ access to harmful websites. I would not recommend this approach. Today’s youngsters’ computer skills are unparalleled especially in comparison to their parents. In other words, unless you are a software engineer, do not expect to be able to outwit your son or daughter when it comes to technology. These little ones were born into a world of technology and whatever you do, they will always find a way to bypass it.

What is left for us as adults is education. It’s better to explain the risk that exist online than trying to eliminate them. A well informed child is much safer than a child who lives in a close environment when nothing is talked about. Parents should adopt an open approach and instead of trying to (hopelessly) avoid risks, warn their children about them and allow them to talk about them freely without inhibitions whatsoever.

There is nothing we can do about it. Sex, crime and violence exist on the web. We had better prepare our children to deal with them in a controlled and supervised manner than trying to make them disappear.

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