Family Violence in Texas

The High Rates of Family Violence in Texas and a Possible Solution to the Problem

family violenceI have been doing some research on the topic of domestic violence in the State of Texas. It seems that the leading counties with the largest number of recorded cases involving family violence are obviously the largest county. For example, in Dallas, the local police station reported 14,123 cases in 2015. In Harris County, Huston Police Department recorded 20,272 incident in the same year.

The Department of Public Safety reports that in 2015, 205,154 people committed crimes related to domestic violence, of which 74 were men and the rest women. The number of victims was 211,301. As expected, most of the victims were females (72 percent).

The age of the victim varies. Most of them are at the ages of 24-39. Child abuse in the United States is considered a serious problem. In Texas alone, in 2015, there were 25,000 victims of family violence below the age of 19.

Leaving figures aside for a minute, the question arises what can be done to tackle the problem of domestic violence. The answer is straight forward. Since, unfortunately, there will always be abusers and victims (Violence is an inseparable part of human nature) and since violence tends to erupts in the offender’s immediate environment (which is the family), I do not think that education will help. Some people will never change their way.

What we need is deterrence. Potential abusers must know that the price for using violence against helpless family members comes with a heavy price. Prison time should be doubled and tripled for wife beaters and child abusers. Only then, will offenders think twice before they use their fists to strike.

Women and children are entitled to the full protection of the law. Harsh treatment of violent husbands (and wives for that matter) will keep them much safer.

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