Garage Doors and Crime

Keeping Burglars away from Your Garage Doors

garage door and crimeNew reports show that more and more criminals target garage doors.  Locking your front door to deter thieves is not enough as open garage doors are an invitation for thieves.

It has also been highly noted that burglars use garage doors even when the home owners are at home.

The reason why garage doors have become a target for crime is because most homes do not pay much attention to basic security measures.

Burglars are usually looking for

  • Tools
  • Lawn equipment
  • Sporting equipment
  • Vehicles and valuables that might be in the vehicles.

Tips for Preventing Crime through the Garage Door

Closing the garage door is, obviously, the first thing you should do to keep burglars away. Other tips that will help in reducing crime taking place through your garage door consist of the following:

  • Include the garage when installing the home alarm system.
  • Include steel lock bars when installing upgraded lock systems.
  • Window films and frosted glass are the best for your garage windows so that criminals are not able to see what they can get from your garage.
  • Garage defenders will not only add security, but will also deter criminals.
  • Keep your valuables locked up to make it difficult for the thieves to access in case they are already in.
  • The garage door should be equipped with good locks.

It is also important to alert your neighbors to close their garage doors in case you see them open. This will help reduce crime in the neighborhood. Also, always be on the look out of your garage so that you are alerted in case you see anything suspicious.