Check Those around You to be Safe

Why You Should Always Check the Background of People around You

The title of this post may suggest that I am a paranoid. Maybe, but as the famous writer, Joseph Heller said: “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you”. And he was right.

I will explain why by telling two stories, one of my neighbor, the other is of my niece. They both leave in Texas and so this is where all took place.

My neighbor next door hired a babysitter for his 2 children. All was well and, according to him, she was very nice and the kids like her. One day, he and his wife got back earlier and they caught her smoking marijuana in their house. The kids were watching television. He later checked and found out the babysitter a criminal record for selling drugs!

My niece started dating a new guy. She fell in love with him and, in fact, we all liked him (We even invited him to dinner one evening). Then suddenly she stopped hearing from him. He vanished without leaving any trace. It turned out there was a warrant for his arrest from Dallas County. He was caught on a routine roadblock and was taken into custody. He is now awaiting trial for burglary.

The lesson is simple: you can never know who you are dealing with and so for yours and your family’s safety, you better perform a criminal record check on new persons that become involved in your life.

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