Making Garage Doors Safe for Children

Basic Tips to Minimize the Risk of Garage Doors

garage doorsMany houses in the United States come with a garage. This garage has a door which poses a threat to little children.  Children at the ages of 2 – 8 years old are most susceptible to injuries ranging from broken limbs to brain damage.

Luckily, there are some basic tips to minimize the danger:

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Creating Safe Outdoor Areas for Children

This is How Parents Made Children Become More Physically Active without Compromising Their Security

walking to schoolUnfortunately, today, most children are driven to school instead of walking or cycling. And that is despite the growing problem of child obesity in the United States. Parents are fully aware of the health benefits of walking, yet they prefer to drive their kids due to security considerations which are considered more urgent than health.

What parents are most concerned of is crime. Letting children walk to school exposes them to all sorts of risk, such as sexual assault or violence. So is there any viable solution that will comprise healthy walking and security? The answer is yes.

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The Threat the Internet Poses to Children

How to Deal with Children’s Exposure to Foul Content on the Internet

The Internet is basically a wonderful tool. It allows us to share knowledge, spread information and be in touch with people in the far corners of the globe. Yet as many of us know, the Internet has a dark side. It can be a very dangerous place for those who lack the emotional means and maturity to deal with vile materials, and I am referring to children and teens.

Children spend muchinternet and children of their time online either on their computer or cell phone and thus they are potentially more vulnerable to foul content. When I say foul content I mean pornography, violence, hate website and crime.

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Children Abused in the United States

 Too Many Children are Victims of Violence and Abuse in the United States

child abuseEvery year, more than 3 million children and teens fall victim to violence, abuse or neglect all over the United States. One fifth of these poor children are physically abused. Another one fifth are sexually assaulted. The rest are subject to emotional abuse or neglect. Law enforcement personnel and psychologists assess that on average a child suffers from violence or abuse every three second. And it gets grimmer: every year, close to 20,000 children are subject to severe injuries. Five children are killed every day, God forbids.

Neither socio-economic status nor race is a guarantee for safety. White, Black, Latin, Native American, rich and poor kids become victims of violence and maltreatment in America.

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Child Labor in U.S. History

How Children were Exploited in The United States in the Last Couple of Centuries

child laborThroughout history, children working in various manual labors were a common thing. It all started in the Industrial Revolution. Children used to work in huge factories (mainly in the textile industry) in terrible conditions. Moreover, it was common to use children in mines. Their small body allowed them to reach places underground where adults could not access.

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